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You must register your dog before you attend any of our events. Please complete the form below. If you have multiple dogs, please complete all their information in the same box eg: Dogs Name: Coco & Winne

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Entry requirements
By submitting the form you also understand that to attend Bark Park events if your dog is over 6 months he or she must be extremely well socialised and entirely non aggressive to other dogs. You also understand that entire males over 12 months and females in season are prohibited.

Please note: Bark Park events are very busy - they are only suitable for dogs who have no history of dog or human aggression or behaviour problems. If you are in any doubt about how your dog may react to being in a busy, multi dog environment then do not attend. Contact us to discuss an alternative -

See you at the Bark Park!

PS - you need to bring your vaccination card along to your first visit.
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